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SARL Documentation

1. Getting Started

2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

3. Tutorials

3.1. Base Exercises

3.2. Event Communication

3.3. Parallel Execution

3.4. Action Selection Architectures

3.5. Organizational Patterns

3.6. SARL Run-time Environment

4. Best Practices with SARL

5. Reference Documentation

5.1. General Syntax

5.2. Agent-Oriented Programming

5.3. Object-Oriented Programming

5.4. SARL Development Toolkit (SDK) and Programming Interface (API)

6. Compilation and Generation Infrastructure

7. Execution and Run-Time Environment

7.1. Run-time Behavior of SARL Programs

7.2. Janus SRE

8. Other Tools

8.1. Syntax Highlightning

8.2. Apache Maven

8.3. Command Line Tools

9. Documentation Format

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