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Built-in Capacity Reference

This document describes the built-in capacities in SARL. Before reading this document, we recommend that you read the General Syntax Reference, the Capacity Reference, and the Skill Reference.

A Capacity is the specification of a collection of actions. This specification makes no assumptions about its implementation. It could be used to specify what an agent can do, what a behavior requires for its execution.

A Skill is a possible implementation of a capacity fulfilling all the

In SARL, every agent has a set of built-in capacities considered essential to respect the commonly accepted competencies of agents. These capacities are considered the main building blocks on top of which other higher level capacities and skills can be constructed. They are defined in the SARL language, but the skills implementing them are provided by the runtime environment, e.g. the Janus platform. This runtime environment is responsible for creating them and injecting them in the agent before their execution begins. Therefore, when the agent receives the Initialize event they are already available.

The following figure presents the different contexts associated to an agent A. Several built-in capacities permit accessing and manage these contexts. The agents are represented by stylized humans, the contexts by the blue boxes, and the spaces by the small color boxes in the contexts.


##1. Details on the Built-In Capacities

Each built-in capacity is detailed inside a dedicated section:

##2. Use of the Built-in Capacities

Details on the use of the built-in capacities may be found in the references of the major behavior-based concepts of SARL:

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