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Janus Command-line Launcher

Janus is the default SARL Run-time Environment (SRE). Its role is to provide all the libraries and plugins that are needed for running SARL agents.

For launching the Janus platform from a command-line shell, you could use the janus tool.

##1. Usage

The janus tool takes arguments:

janus [OPTIONS] <agent_fully_qualified_name>

The agent_fully_qualified_name is the name of the agent to launch. This name is equal to the fully qualified name of the agent’s type.

Janus enables to launch only one agent from the command-line shell. If you want to launch more than one agent, you should launch a first agent, which will create the other agents.

You could change the behavior of the janus tool with the command-line options. For obtaining a list of the options, type:

janus -help

##2. Command-Line Options

The complete list of the options is:

| Option | Description | | —— | ———– |

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