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Library of SARL Code Samples

The SARL development environment (a.k.a. SARL product) contains a library of SARL code samples that may be used for creating your own project. This page provides the content this embedded library, and how to create a project from them.

For creating a project based on a code sample, please follow the steps below (assuming that code samples are named "examples" into the SARL product):

  1. Open the SARL developing environment;
  2. Open the menu `File` (top left of the menu bar);
  3. Select the item `New` into the menu;
  4. Select the item `Examples` into the sub-menu;
  5. Wait for the opening of the "New Example" dialog box;
  6. Select the code sample/example that you would like to obtain;
  7. Click on `Finish` button;
  8. Wait for the SARL environment to create a new project that contains the code sample.

The following sections provide the content of the library per category.

1. Illustrations of SARL Concepts

A first example of holarchy
Creation of complete hierarchy of holons.
More info.
A hello-world agent in SARL
A simple agent displaying "Hello" on the console and dying 2 seconds later.
More info.
A simple agent decrementing an integer before dying
A first illustration of the concept of task to schedule a sub process doing something from a given behavior.
More info.
Agent with a behavior
A simple agent playing an externally described behavior to compute a factorial.
More info.
Agent with a behavior extending an existing behavior
A simple example to illustrate the richness of behavior inheritance and corresponding overload in SARL.
More info.
Two simple agents in basic interaction
A first agent creates two other agents, the first one counting to 3 before dying and sending message to the second.
More info.

2. Mathematics

Fractals of Sierpinski (JavaFX interface)
Sierpinski's fractals is built with triangles which are recursively divided into 3 triangles. In this application each triangle is supported by an agent in a hierarchy of agents.
More info.
Two examples of factorial computation
The first demo introduces a single agent computing a factorial, the second one introduces two agents in interaction: the first agent asking the second to compute the factorial value of a specified integer.
More info.

3. Simulation Models

1. Art

Fireworks (JavaFX interface)
The goal of this demo is to bring out some fireworks using SARL agents. The application is composed of 4 types of agents. The whole structure is holonic.
More info.

2. Biology and Natural Phenomena

Coway's Game of Life (JavaFX interface)
The Game of Life is a cellular automaton devised by the British mathematician John Horton Conway in 1970.
More info.
Reynolds Boids (AWT interface)
Simulation of the Reynolds' Boids based on an AWT user interface.
More info.

4. Templates of Applications

SARL application with JavaFX
This is a template of SARL application that is using JavaFX as a graphical user interface.
More info.

5. Tutorials (code of)

Auction between holonic members
The auctioneer creates biders in its inner context, and manages the auction.
More info.
Person who has goal-oriented behavior
The person has two goals and it has to select the best action to apply in order to archieve these goals. The selection mechanism is based on the standard time-based goal-oriented behavior that was defined in video game field.
More info.
Ping-Pong event exchanges
Agents are exchanging events with a ping-pong interaction protocol.
More info.
Ping-Pong event exchanges inside a specific space
Agents are exchanging events inside a specific space with a ping-pong interaction protocol.
More info.