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SARL Development Environment
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Changes in 0.13.0
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SARL Development Environment
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Installation Instructions

SARL is implemented in Java, so you must have a Java Runtime Environment 17 or higher installed in order to compile and execute.

There are two easy ways to get SARL up and running. A pre-configured Eclipse distribution is available which has already all the necessary plug-ins installed. Alternatively, you can install SARL SDK into your existing Eclipse using the Eclipse update mechanism.

Install pre-configured Eclipse with SARL SDK

  1. Download the distribution from above that matches your OS.
  2. Unzip the archive into the directory of your choice. Windows Users should choose a directory close to the root since the zip contains a deeply nested folder structure. The maximum path length on windows may not exceed 256 characters.
  3. Launch Eclipse and select the workspace location. A workspace location is the directory for your user data and project files.

Maven support

You can also compile SARL code using Maven. The configuration of Maven is given in the tutorial "Create First Project".

The lastest version numbers could be obtain from the Maven Central Repository, or from the Maven repositories of SARL.

Command-line tools

Several command-line tools could be dowloaded with the following links.

Debian and Ubuntu packages

The command-line tools are also packaged for the Debian and Ubuntu operating systems. The process for including the Debian/Ubuntu package repository into your system's configuration is explained on the Arakhnê.org website.

Install SARL SDK from the Eclipse update site (not recommended)

If you have an Eclipse running :

  1. Choose Help -> Install New Software... from the menu bar and Add... Insert one of the update site URLs (, or This site aggregates all the necessary and optional components and dependencies of SARL.
  2. Select the SARL Language Definition and the SARL Development Kit from the category SARL, and complete the wizard by clicking the Next button until you can click Finish.
  3. After a quick download and a restart of Eclipse, SARL is ready to use.

Note We recommend to use Eclipse 2023-06

Getting an old version of SARL

The old versions of SARL are available on Google Drive.

Getting the source code

The source code of SARL is available on Github.

You could get the source code by cloning the GIT repository:

git clone