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SARL at Human-Swarm Interaction Workshop ICRA2020: Modeling and implementing Recursive agents

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An invited talk will be discussing “Modeling and implementing Recursive agents” at the Human-Swarm Interaction Workshop ICRA2020

The workshop will be held Virtually on 31 May, 2020. Please register at the workshop’s website!

Workshop’s Overview:

Redundancy and decentralization in artificial swarms can make their operation robust to failures and disturbances, enable the use of sacrificial platforms, and can conceal the system’s mission to an adversary. While these attributes have been acknowledged and validated, we do not have yet a complete understanding of how biological systems and multi-agent technological artifacts can interact with humans. This workshop will bring together experts in the fields of control of multi-agent systems, human-robot and human-swarm interaction and cyber-physical systems, to discuss the state-of-the-art of human-swarm interaction theories and developments, as well as identify specific challenges on the path toward seamless interaction and control interfaces between humans and multi-agent systems.

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